Norway Confluence:
Launching the International Alliance for Wild Ethics

We listened close to the many-voiced silence of the forest, feeling our way toward new ways of seeing, and of speaking, that might spread like a benevolent contagion through the human population. If a new mythos, a new modality of the sacred is struggling to be born at this difficult moment in the world's unfolding, then what is its shape?

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United Nations Keynote:

In the summer of 2005, AWE director David Abram was asked to deliver the final keynote address for the United Nation's "World Environment Week" in San Francisco, to 70 mayors from the largest cities around the world. David's speech was given under the towering redwood trees at Muir Woods, at the very spot where the United Nations charter was originally signed into being sixty years earlier.

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Ecological Intelligence for a New Millennium:
Audubon Lecture Series

In the winter of 2006/2007 the Alliance sponsored a seven-week series of lectures and spirited discussions at the Randall Davey Audubon Center at the edge of the mountains above Santa Fe, New Mexico. Originally scheduled for 2 ½ hours, the sessions commonly stretched on much longer, each lecture followed by animated conversations on biospheric perception and the ecology of sensory experience; wilderness and wild language; environmental dimensions of the psyche; bioregional politics and the powers of place; shapeshifting; animals and animism; restoring and re-storying the land.

With the conclusion of the series, many participants refused to quit: they decided to continue meeting regularly on their own, carrying the collective explorations further…


Animate Earth:
Film in Progress

How can the earth sciences serve to awaken a new and deeply felt solidarity between ourselves and this breathing planet? Can we translate the rapidly growing body of facts regarding the metabolic functioning of the planetary biosphere into a storied language — a way of speaking that is not just analytically precise, but also sensorially and intuitively resonant? A new film-in-progress about the work of AWE founding member Stephan Harding tackles these questions directly.

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